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Wrightsville 7/12

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Wrightsville 7/12 Empty Wrightsville 7/12

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:59 pm

Gave up a day offshore to go see Linda Greenlaw in Beaufort Monday. SO worth it to me! She inspires me in so many ways; Plus she is cool as hell, esp in person!! I want to fish with her so bad, Swords show would never be the same either, LOL!!!!!

Wrightsville 7/12 100_8914

Got home at like 11pm last night, keyed up! Finally got to bed for a meesly 4 hours of sleep. Rolled out to Wrightsville Beach ramp at 6am. Five trailers in the lot, I wondered where everyone was!!

Had a 1/2 day trip, one reason due to the wind forecast predicted to pick up the afternoon & we also needed to visit a friend this afternoon who is in CICU who isn't doing well.

Fishy nearshore today...Spaniards, Blues, & some "Teasing" trolling...Pulled frozen baits, live bait, (pogies in the ICW), & clarkspoons. Most catches were on the clarkspoons. 30' - 60' of water. It did turn a little breezier & sloppier around Noon-1'ish, like Reefcast showed...Came on in. Grabbed a ice cold Yuengling on tap from the kegerator, turned up 103.7 the Bone onboard, & washed the boat up & cleaned fish for dinner.

Pretty good day. Had been doing a lot of surf & skinny water fishing recently, esp when Scott was on a "mini deployment". Flounder, Reds, Shrimp... been eating pretty well. ha. =)

Next time....gotta hit up the Grouper hideouts ASAP, I'm jonesing!!

Oh btw, I do miss parts of the Gulf Coast but I have to say, IMO, NC has the prettier sunsets & sunrises!!!

Sunset Sunday from around the Basin
Wrightsville 7/12 100_8913

Sunrise Monday, WB:
Wrightsville 7/12 100_8915

Fresh Shrimp!
Wrightsville 7/12 100_8909


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Wrightsville 7/12 Empty Re: Wrightsville 7/12

Post by Back-Lash on Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:30 pm

so I know the captain that knows The Captain LOL

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