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Catchin out of MHC - 100911

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Catchin out of MHC - 100911 Empty Catchin out of MHC - 100911

Post by jimbeamii on Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:54 am

Tim, Brent and I left the MHC dock at 4:30 yesterday heading offshore for wahoo. We ran out about 50 miles at 20-25 knots and put the stuff in the water just before 7. The fun began.

The first knockdown was a monster. We had no idea what it was. It ran like a 'hoo but we started to think it was an amberjack because it refused to come to the boat. Tim was on the rod and the fish ran him around the center console once while Brent was clearing the lines. He finally got stationed on the bow and I started following him to try to get some pressure off the rod. About 10 minutes into the fight the handle on the TLD 30 broke. Oops... from then on I was chasing him while Tim tried to bring line in -- like he was cranking a can opener. We were going to tie the line to another rod then cut it off the broken one but Tim and Brent thought they could more safely hand line it in. Also, I didn't have the broom stick on the boat to wrap the braid around. So, for about 30 more minutes Tim and Brent took turns trying to take up line on the reel. Then Tim put on the gloves and started hand lining while Brent cranked the reel. Seeing the top shot appear was a relief -- only about 100 yards to go. Finally got the beast to the side of the boat. About a 7' thresher shark. Bing! Bye bye. We caught some good video of the fight and I'll post it later after I've had time to edit them.

We probably had 11 good knockdowns but only put two 'hoos in the box. They were both ~30lbs and almost exactly the same length. Both came of the downriggers. Some of the top water knockdowns may have been black fins and skipjacks, since we did capture one of those, although I'm sure a couple were some cagey 'hoos.

Anyway, had we boxed all the knockdowns we would have had our limit and then some. I think we heard Roger out there after they got their limit. WTG guys.

Thanks Tim and Brent for the hard work in the pit. It was a great day on the water. Even better because we were able to make 30 knots back to the hill.

Here's some pics.

Catchin out of MHC - 100911 15637d1284374902-catchin-out-mhc-100911-wahoo-dinner-058

Catchin out of MHC - 100911 Jimbeamii-albums-100911-tim-brant-wahoos-picture15593-wahoo-1


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Catchin out of MHC - 100911 Empty Re: Catchin out of MHC - 100911

Post by Hunter's Haven on Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:25 pm

good eatin ! Congrats on your catch.

Hunter's Haven

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Catchin out of MHC - 100911 Empty Re: Catchin out of MHC - 100911

Post by grupedawg on Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:03 pm

Nice report..thx!

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Catchin out of MHC - 100911 Empty Re: Catchin out of MHC - 100911

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