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Offical Meet and Greet in person

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Offical Meet and Greet in person Empty Offical Meet and Greet in person

Post by JasonM on Thu Apr 17, 2014 8:30 am

Some people have asked other teams and anglers "Who are the CKMS guys?" Well we will be at the season kick off party on May 3rd at board walk Billys. That is in north myrtle at doc holidays marina. set up time for teams & boats is from 12 to 3, and the party will roll after that.

Just for information purposes here is a run down

Jason McAlister from the Salty Daze Fishing Team
Barry Bierstedt from the Blew by U Fishing Team
Eris Jones
Corey Bellamy from the Choice of Two/OIFC
Jonathan W Staley (Jody) From the Salty Daze Fishing Team
Corey Durako from the Blew By U Fishing Team
Todd Knight from the Kings for Vets tournament and Sea Kinght Tackle.
We need more help in the division 1 area. If anyone can speak up and have some people speak up for you. We don't want someone that agrees with everything all of the time. They need to be willing to speak up and debate their ideas and have an open mind. Well I guess we will see everyone on May the 3rd, that can attend.


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